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Solid scientific documentation from the world’s
premiere source of botanical information

The HRF research department offers a variety of competitively priced research and document delivery services to meet the information needs of the public, manufacturers, researchers, writers, health care practitioners, educators, and others. Call on HRF anytime you need fast, cost-effective delivery of information on:

        Botanicals for specific health conditions
        Herb safety and drug interactions
        Product structure/function claim substantiation
        Clinical trials
        Horticulture and agriculture
        Historical and traditional uses
        Marketing and regulatory issues

At $60 an hour, our services are far more cost-effective than those provided by traditional libraries or document delivery services. One-half hour minimum. Member discounts apply as noted. Call (303) 449-2265 ext 207 for a price and timing estimate, or email us at

HRF Research Services

Online bibliographic searching:
Current, comprehensive literature citations from multiple online databases

$60/hr plus online fees (online fees non-discountable)

On-site research:
From HRF’s extensive library, custom research on botanicals and health conditions

$60/hr plus .50/page photocopying fee (member discount applies)

Document delivery service:
Specific full-text articles related to your research topic

$20 per article (non-discountable)

Customized electronic information tracking:
Regular updates on the latest scientific citations
By subscription, this comprehensive search service provides consistent delivery of current scientific citations on specific herbs or other natural substances of your choice. (Full text articles also available at an additional cost.)
$60/hour (member discount applies)

Targeted document delivery:
Regular delivery of scientific literature on the herb(s) of your choice
By subscription, our innovative “clipping service” provides newly available, full-text articles on herb(s) or other natural substances of specific interest to you or your company.
Please call for a price quote (member discount applies)

HerbDoc Express:
For online document ordering, click here
A fast, easy way to order the most substantial documentation for the health benefits and safety of America’s most popular herbs.
$20 per article (non-discountable)

Herb Abstract Service:
From the scientific literature, comprehensive collections of abstract summaries on more than 400 plant genera
50 cents per page (average six abstracts per page). Complete articles also available.

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