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Vitamin B12, folic acid and mental function in the elderly

The following article gives valuable information on the importance of B12 and folic acid when considering cognitive function in the elderly. Elderly people is a vulnerable population group to specific nutrient deficiencies as vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are closely related to mental functions deterioration, especially of cognitive functions. This study was aimed to […]

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Panax ginseng

Ginseng is an herb which should be considered when dealing with immune function, psychologic function (stress), and diabetes.  This herb has a long history of use in Asian cultures.  While this article refers to Panax ginseng another plant with slightly different properties which should also be considered is American ginseng. The herbal remedies referred to as “ginseng” are derived from the roots […]

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Fast food: unfriendly and unhealthy.

Food for thought before entering the drive through line at the fast food restaurant, is this a good choice? Although nutrition experts might be able to navigate the menus of fast-food restaurant chains, and based on the nutritional information, compose apparently ‘healthy’ meals, there are still many reasons why frequent fast-food consumption at most chains […]

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Breastfeeding and maternal and infant iodine nutrition.

The following review gives valuable information for pregnant women and new mothers concerning the appropriate levels of iodine content in breast milk. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this review is to explore information available regarding iodine secretion in milk, both mothers and infants iodine nutrition during breastfeeding and to make recommendations for appropriate iodine supplementation during […]

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