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A word about this site. We are fiercely independent and strive for accuracy in our reporting. That doesn’t mean we have no viewpoint, as you’ll see. We are strong advocates of natural healthcare and of herbal dietary supplements. In the absence of FDA approved over the counter preventive medicines. supplements are what Americans use as “preventive medicines,” that is, to maintain and improve health.

About the advertising on this site: Our advertising is by invitation only. Not only don’t we bend our opinions to suit our advertisers, we don’t even accept all ads. We only accept advertising from companies that embody quality and integrity, in our personal opinion, and whose advertising on our site is “truthful and not misleading.” This does not mean that we endorse all their products. Some companies make products we like and other products we would not use. For specific products we would (and often do) use ourselves, see our section HRF Selects.

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