Herpes simplex Info Packet


Helpful information on treatments for the Herpes virus. Both Herpes type I and type II are discussed. There is a discussion of herbs and how to use them both topically for healing sores and by ingestion for supporting the immune system. Nutritional therapies are discussed. Herbs mentioned include: lemon balm, licorice, echinacea, myrrh, red clover, goldenseal, nettle, oat straw, chamomile, St. John’s wort, scullcap, passionflower, valerian, pau d’arco, burdock, dandelion, astragalus, yellow dock, aloe, comfrey, baikal scullcap, jujube, ginger, barberry, turmeric, green tea, reishi, shiitake, artichoke, and bupleurum.



Herpes simplex Info Packet


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