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Herb Information Packet Series

All the information you need to use herbs safely and effectively

Here you can read summaries of our Herb Information Packets on health conditions and related topics.

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Information on hair loss, including herbal and nutritional therapies, and recipes for hair growth and scalp massage oil. Also included are articles on stimulating hair growth and hair care. A dandruff hair wash is included. Herbs mentioned include: burdock, saw palmetto, licorice, horsetail, nettle, danshen, calendula, fo-ti, evening primrose oil, rosemary and lavender.


Extensive information on headaches and migraines. Headaches are treated as a symptom rather than a disease. The types and causes of headaches are discussed as well as treatment modalities and herbal remedies. Lifestyle, nutritional and precipitating factors are also examined. Herbs mentioned include: feverfew, cayenne, rosemary, ginger, bitter melon, peppermint, lemon balm, evening primrose oil, valerian, forskolin and reishi.


Information on using herbs for health and longevity. It discusses the most commonly used, safe and effective herbs. There is general information on adaptogenic herbs as well. Herbs discussed are: astragalus, echinacea, cinnamon, cloves, dill, ginger, mint, rosemary, thyme, St. John's wort, saw palmetto, hawthorn, garlic, ginseng, gingko, aloe, cayenne, red clover, garlic, valerian, Siberian ginseng, nettle, dandelion, lemon balm, kava, licorice, reishi, scullcap, black cohosh, oats, butterbur (petasides), lavender, peppermint, white willow, and more.


Extensive information on hypertension, cholesterol regulation, arrhythmias, and congestive heart disease. Many herbs are mentioned with excellent research support, as well as a description of alternatives to prescription medications. Lifestyle considerations are also discussed. Herbs mentioned include: garlic, hawthorn, ginkgo, rauwalfia, forskolin, horse chestnut, cayenne, goldenseal, and red wine.


Helpful information on the various herbal, nutritional, and medical treatments for hemorrhoids. Herbs are discussed at length for both internal and topical use and lifestyle factors are also examined. Herbs discussed include: psyllium, bilberry, gotu kola, horse chestnut, buckthorn, parsley, garlic, linseed, ginkgo dandelion, goldenseal, calendula, St. John's wort, chamomile, plantain, yarrow, aloe, slippery elm, witch hazel, and mullein.


Helpful information about Hepatitis C. Diagnostic techniques are discussed at length, as are methods of transmission of the virus. Treatments discussed include: interferon, interferon/ribavirin trials, Chinese herbs, immune system boosting, and addiction cessation. Case studies are included. Herbs mentioned include: ginseng, St. John's wort, bupleurum, echinacea, licorice, milk thistle, gingko, astragalus, schizandra, dandelion, and many more.


Helpful information on treatments for the Herpes virus. Both Herpes type I and type II are discussed. There is a discussion of herbs and how to use them both topically for healing sores and by ingestion for supporting the immune system. Nutritional therapies are discussed. Herbs mentioned include: lemon balm, licorice, echinacea, myrrh, red clover, goldenseal, nettle, oat straw, chamomile, St. John's wort, scullcap, passionflower, valerian, pau d'arco, burdock, dandelion, astragalus, yellow dock, aloe, comfrey, baikal scullcap, jujube, ginger, barberry, turmeric, green tea, reishi, shiitake, artichoke, and bupleurum.


Useful information about immunity, and living with AIDS/HIV. Chinese herbal treatments, drug treatments, controversies about current treatments for AIDS, and research reviews are included. Life extension strategies are discussed, and basic information about the immune system is provided. Herbs mentioned include: astragalus, aloe vera, bloodroot, St. John's wort, echinacea, shiitake, maitake, garlic, licorice, milk thistle, holy basil, mistletoe, and many more.


General information about homeopathic medicine and treating specific conditions with homeopathy. Topics discussed include: how homeopathic medicines are made, various theories about how homeopathy works, double blind studies, and the most popular homeopathic remedies. Dosage information is provided. Remedies mentioned include: apis, arnica, aconite, arsenic album, belladonna, bryonia, cantharis, chamomile, gelsemium, ignatia, ledum, nux vomica, oscillococcinum, cell salts, Bach flower remedies, and more.


Useful information about the use and preparation of various forms of herbs Topics discussed include: the nature of extraction, standardization, solvents, concentrates, wildcrafting, and preserving herbs. The following preparations are also discussed: infusions, decoctions, tinctures, syrups, capsules, pills, oils, lozenges, douches, ointments, compresses, poultices, liniments and more. There is also a list of the most commonly used herbs. Details on how to choose herbal products, as well as dosage and safety information. Herbs mentioned include: echinacea, ginseng, ginkgo, garlic, goldenseal, chamomile, ginger and others. This is a great introductory packet.


Information about hypoglycemia. The possible causes are discussed as well as nutritional and herbal therapies. Herbs mentioned include: bitter melon, licorice, gotu kola, onions, garlic, gymnema, fenugreek, saltbush, bilberry, ginkgo, and more.


Helpful information about the immune system and what you can do to strengthen yours. How the immune system functions is discussed at length. There is an article about antibiotic use in people and animals and how this can affect us. Nutritional and lifestyle suggestions are made. A phyto-therapeutic approach to immune boosting and detoxification is discussed, and various pathologies of the immune system are identified. Herbs mentioned include: astragalus, licorice, echinacea, maitake, shiitake, reishi, goldenseal, fu ling mushrooms, turkey tail, calendula, dandelion, mullein, ginseng, arnica, garlic, onion and many others.


Information on impotence. Topics addressed are the symptoms, causes, and treatment options. Herbal and nutritional therapies are discussed, as well as lifestyle considerations, and environmental factors. Easy to understand research is included as well. Herbs mentioned include: yohimbe, damiana, ashwagandha, carob, evening primrose, garlic, saw palmetto, ginseng, gotu kola, ginkgo, sarsaparilla, schizandra, muira pauma, pygeum, nettle, oats, horny goat weed, and bee pollen.

INFERTILITY- (male and female)

Helpful information on infertility, including the definition, possible causes, herbal and nutritional therapies, stress factors and lifestyle considerations. Addresses both male and female infertility. Also mentioned is health information and possible environmental factors thought to contribute to infertility. Herbs mentioned include: yohimbe, licorice, unicorn root, cramp bark, black and blue cohosh, motherwort, dong quai, gotu kola, ginseng, wild yam, saw palmetto, schizandra, red clover, nettle, red raspberry leaf, and ginkgo.



General as well as technical information on the causes and treatment of insomnia. Includes comprehensive herbal information and homeopathic therapies as well as helpful lifestyle suggestions. There is also an article comparing Halcion to valerian, and different herbs are compared in relation to their effectiveness. Herbs mentioned include: valerian, kava, scullcap, hops, passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile, oat and poppy.


Information on the prevention and treatment of kidney stones. Topics include causes and types of kidney stones, dietary considerations, and herbal therapies for preventing and dissolving stone and for treating pain. Herbs discussed include: goldenrod, marshmallow, Java tea, lovage, soy, nettle, saw palmetto, barberry, dandelion, lobelia, khella, gravel root, horse chestnut, cornsilk, hydrangea, horsetail, couch grass, aloe, senna, rosehips, and cranberry.


Helpful information about lactation. There is an article comparing breast feeding with bottle feeding. Breast feeding related problems and remedies for those problems are discussed. Problems mentioned include: engorgement, mastitis, a plugged duct, and sore nipples. Nutritional health is also discussed, as are herbal therapies. Contraindications for women who are breast feeding are also outlined. Herbs mentioned in this packet include: alfalfa, blessed thistle, dandelion, fennel, horsetail, raspberry, garlic, borage, hops, poke, echinacea and more.


Helpful information on herbs that have shown benefit in treating liver disorders, including cirrhosis and hepatitis A, B, and C. Liver protective and regenerative herbs, such as milk thistle are discussed at length. Also included are clinical research findings and safety information. Herbs mentioned include: milk thistle, astragalus, bupleurum, fo-ti, ginseng, ginger, garlic, schizandra, wormwood, mugwort, turmeric, celandine, fumitory, yarrow, dandelion, gotu kola, burdock, licorice, fennel, and berberine.


Information on herbs for aging gracefully. Topics include supporting the natural process of aging, balancing mind, body, and spirit, adaptogenic herbs, antioxidants, hormones, Ayurveda, energy boosters, and herbs to support the various body systems: digestive, circulatory, reproductive, immune, etc. Herbs discussed include: ashwagandha, shilijit, vitex, motherwort, passion flower, St. John's wort, kava, sage, ginseng, garlic, hawthorn, soy, saw palmetto, green tea, valerian, echinacea, gotu kola, devil's claw, ginkgo, elder, Siberian ginseng, reishi, maca, pine bark, golden root, horny goat weed, dandelion, artichoke, black cohosh, chamomile, peppermint, and red wine.


Helpful articles on lupus, including the diagnosis, symptomology, drugs, herbal and nutritional therapies. Also included is technical research, and safety information. Supporting the immune system is also addressed. Herbs mentioned include: licorice, cordyceps, alfalfa, milk thistle, echinacea, schisandra, olive leaf, bupleurum, goldenseal, pau d'arco, black currant oil, turmeric, red clover and gotu kola.

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