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HRF joins Boulder physician on Working Assets radio show

On March 13, HRF President Rob McCaleb and Mindy Green, Director of Educational Services, were special guests on KWAB radio (AM1490), a division of Working Assets. The pair talked with Boulder, CO-based physician Robert Rountree, MD, who hosts the Helios Health Program every Monday from 7:00 to 8:00 PM (MT). Listeners from around the globe also tuned in to hear McCaleb and Green speak over the Internet at www.workingassetsradio.com. During the one-hour program, McCaleb talked extensively about HRF's A-SNAPP project (Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products), which is helping African farmers and businesses to market sustainably produced herbs and raw materials to global buyers. Green addressed some of the public's most pressing questions about herbs, including common myths about herb regulation and statistics on botanical safety. Said McCaleb, "The broadcasting of radio signals over the internet is a major advance in worldwide information access. Our African partners and those at Purdue were all able to listen to the interview through their computers, despite being thousands of miles out of range of the conventional broadcast."

HRF's work in Africa has been attracting attention from other media sources as well. In February, McCaleb spoke with reporters from the Denver Rocky Mountain News, the Boulder Daily Camera, Herbs for Health, Natural Health, and Healthwell.com about the A-SNAPP project.

- Krista Morien

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