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More Research Support for Those Who Use and Recommend Herbs for Prostate Health
Valerian/Lemon Balm Combination Well-Tolerated in Clinical Study
Antioxidant Activity of Tea Unaffected by Milk
Three Concentrations of St. John's Wort Effective Against Depression
Safety of St. John's Wort versus Antidepressant Drugs
St. John's Wort Equivalent to World's Best-selling Antidepressant
St. John's Wort Relieves Menopause Symptoms
Kava Extract Relieves Anxiety: Meta-Analysis
Herbal Combination Improves Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients
Systematic Review of Ginger Trials Yields "Promising" Outcome
Vitex Improves Symptoms of PMS
Willow Bark Extract Reduces Low Back Pain
St. John's Wort: Future Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
Ginkgo Meta-analysis Confirms Efficacy in Peripheral Arterial Disease
First Study on Safety of Echinacea During Pregnancy
Review Questions Ginseng's Role in Exercise
Red Ginseng Shows Mild Blood Pressure-Lowering Effect
Researchers Claim Ginseng Lacks "Compelling Evidence"
First clinical study on purple grape juice
Researchers complete ginkgo review
Coffee lowers risk of gallstone disease for men in major study
Compound sleep preparation shows promise in clinical trial
Chocolate: the latest health food?
Black tea may protect heart health
Tibetan formula effective in peripheral artery disease
Echinacea for athletes
Red clover improves heart health after menopause
St. Johnís wort for unexplained fatigue
Saw palmetto shrinks prostate tissues
Standardized garlic powder reduces heart attack risk
Hypericin and AIDS
Ginkgo protects against altitude sickness
Ginkgo effective in intermittent claudication
Efficacy of St. Johnís wort extract standardized to hyperforin
Cannabis for migraine
Possible shortcomings of fertility study
Melatonin in medicinal plants
Echinacea: Mixed results from recent trials
Horse chestnut effective in chronic venous insufficiency
JAMA reviews 18 controlled studies on saw palmetto
Chinese herbal medicine effective in IBS
Mode of action of cranberry in UTI
Studies question garlic effectiveness
Phytomedicines outperform synthetics in treating enlarged prostate
Pygeum and nettle root act synergistically in prostate disease.
Echinacea Safety Confirmed
Vitex more effective than pyridoxine in PMS
Nettle leaf enhances effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drug
Phytotherapy aids in benzodiazepine withdrawal
Mahonia ointment in the treatment of psoriasis
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 Research Reviews 

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