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Oolong tea helps in the treatment of stubborn atopic dermatitis
Rhodiola enhances fitness and well-being under stressful conditions
Compound in Panax pseudoginseng demonstrates antioxidant activity
Harvard warns of high calcium-prostate cancer link
Anti-inflammatory activity of Padma 28
Three studies show dietary supplements improve health of seniors
Maca stimulates sexual function in male mice
Gotu kola: Positive review of the scientific evidence
Ginseng has no effect on mood in healthy young adults
Ginseng helps speed recovery from acute attacks of chronic bronchitis
Eleuthero improves lipid metabolism, physical fitness, and immune function

Elderberry formula activates healthy immune system

Urinary tract cancers related to use of adulterated Chinese formula

Propolis heals herpes lesions faster than acyclovir
Passionflower study demonstrates anti-anxiety effect of chrysin
Estrogenic compounds in parsley isolated
Nettle sting effective for treatment of osteoarthritis pain
Study questions use of mistletoe as adjuvant treatment for head and neck cancer
New study refutes speculation that ginkgo inhibits MAO in human brain
Meta-analysis supports protective effects of garlic against stomach and colon cancers
Echinacea combination formula effective against common cold
Andrographis herb combination effective against cold and flu
American ginseng/drug combination inhibits growth of breast cancer cells
Rhodiola reported to reduce stress-related fatigue
Pycnogenol® helps in chronic venous insufficiency
Pomegranate juice confers cardiovascular health benefits
American ginseng improves glucose tolerance in diabetics and nondiabetics
Large study concludes ginkgo is ineffective in tinnitus
Ginkgo: Greater improvement in peripheral arterial disease with higher dose
Devil's claw as effective as drug in relieving osteoarthritis pain
Echinacea tea blend shortens duration of cold symptoms
No interaction between St. John's wort and epilepsy drug
Red wine compound shows promise as a treatment for herpes
Ten-year review of herbal psychiatric treatments
Ginkgo biloba relieves sexual dysfunction caused by antidepressants
Ginkgo biloba: Review of research on ginkgo as a treatment for tinnitus
Boswellia serrata: Potential as a new treatment for asthma

Black currant seed oil: First clinical study of y-linolenic acid's effect on human immune function

Specific evidence for the role of silibinin in prostate cancer treatment
Evidence for kavain binding sites in the brain
Pentacyclic alkaloids in cat’s claw help boost lymphocyte levels
Another possible mechanism of action for St. John’s wort’s antidepressant activity
Extra-virgin is the oil of choice to protect against LDL oxidation
Isoflavones may not be responsible for soy’s anticancer effect
Beta-carotene shown to reduce LDL oxidation
Effects of ginkgo/ginseng combination studied in healthy middle-aged adults
JAMA meta-analysis finds glucosamine & chondroitin useful for arthritis
Ginkgo compounds and the war on cellulite
Herbal combination therapy packs a potential one-two punch against oral cancer
More evidence for the cardioprotective properties of red wine
Can herbal supplements diminish endothelial damage induced by HIV infection?
Bone density and soy isoflavones
DHA and AA improve mental development in infants
Aloe gel enhances wound healing in diabetic rats
RDA for vitamin C should be doubled
Formula containing bilberry and lutein increases lutein levels in blood and eye tissue
Proprietary quercetin formula helps chronic prostatitis
Saw Palmetto Shrinks Enlarged Prostate Tissue
Ginkgo biflavone shows promise as an anti-arthritic agent
Skin effects of Echinacea pallida
Scientific evidence that fruits and vegetables protect against stroke
Benefits of psyllium for individuals with type 2 diabetes
More Evidence In Favor of Garlicís Cardiovascular Benefits
Dutch study finds that black tea protects against heart disease
Alliinase appears to retain activity during garlic processing
Ginseng and echinacea may enhance immune function in patients with suppressed immunity
Polyphenols and platelet aggregation: a closer look at the health benefits of red wine
Hawthorn: Anti-HIV activity of newly identified flavonoids from Crataegus
Identification of caffeic acid derivatives in Echinacea spp
Ginseng increased sperm motility in vitro
Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract demonstrates better antioxidant activity than other free radical scavengers
Bitter melon seed extracts shown to have male anti-fertility effects
Hyperforin may be the main antidepressant constituent of St. John's wort
St. Johnís wort:  New study may shed light on mechanism of antidepressant action
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