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Aloe gel enhances wound healing in diabetic rats

The slowed healing of skin wounds observed in diabetic patients may be related to decreased levels of collagen, a compound that provides structure and strength to skin tissue. In the present study, treatment with aloe gel was shown to enhance wound healing, possibly by its effects on inflammation and collagen synthesis. In the study, experimentally induced skin wounds in diabetic rats were treated with topical or oral administration of aloe gel. Wounds treated with aloe gel healed significantly faster than wounds in control animals. In addition, levels of collagen, total protein, and DNA were higher for the treatment groups than for controls, particularly during the first 10 days of the study. The researchers speculate that the possible hypoglycemic properties of aloe gel may be responsible for its apparent ability to enhance wound healing in diabetic individuals, and discuss possible biochemical mechanisms by which Aloe exerts its effects

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Chithra P, Sajithlal G, Chandrakasan G. Influence of aloe vera on the healing of dermal wounds in diabetic rats. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 1998; 59: 195-201

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