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Estrogenic compounds in parsley isolated

In the process of screening western medicinal plants for estrogenic compounds, researchers identified several flavone glycosides with estrogenic activity in parsley (Petroselinum crispus). They also found a new monoterpene glucoside, petroside. After enhancing the estrogenic activity of the flavone glycosides by removing their glycoside moieties, the researchers determined that apigenin, diosmetin, and kaempferol had the most potent estrogenic activity, which they deemed "nearly equal to those of the isoflavones diadzein...and genistein..." In addition, according to the investigators, seven days of oral treatment with methanolic extract of parsley, apiin, and apigenin restored uterine weight in ovarectomized mice. Yoshikawa M, Uemura T, Shimoda H, et al. Medicinal foodstuffs XVIII. Phytoestrogens from the aerial part of Petroselinum crispus Mill. (parsley) and structures of 6"-acetylapiin and a new monoterpene glycoside, petroside. Chem Pharm Bull 2000; 48(7): 1039-1044.

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