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Ginseng helps speed recovery from acute attacks of chronic bronchitis

Adjunctive treatment with standardized ginseng extract G115® increased the speed of bacterial clearance in patients undergoing treatment with antibiotics for chronic bronchitis. The study participants were 75 Italians with acute attacks of chronic bronchitis who received treatment with 875 mg amoxicillin and 125 mg clavulanic acid twice daily for 9 days and were then randomized into two groups. One group (37 patients) received only the antibiotic treatment, and the other (38 patients) took the antibiotics in combination with ginseng extract at a dose of 100 mg twice daily. In the 44 patients who were evaluable at the end of the study, the time to complete clearance of bacteria was significantly shorter in the group receiving the combination treatment (median 6 days/mean 5.9 days vs. median 7 days/mean 6.7 days). The researchers suggest, "Patients in whom the elimination of bacteria from the bronchial system is particularly difficult may benefit from the use of ginseng." Scaglione R, Weiser K, Alessandra M. Effects of the standardised ginseng extract G115 in patients with chronic bronchitis. Clin Drug Invest 2001; 21(1): 41-45.

 Top News  |  World  |  Science  |  Research Reviews  |  Politics  |  Industry  |  Features

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