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Compound in Panax pseudoginseng demonstrates antioxidant activity

Trilinolein, a compound isolated from the Chinese herb sanchi (Panax pseudoginseng), demonstrated concentration-dependent antioxidant effects in enhanced chemiluminescence tests for oxygen free radical scavenging effects. The researchers speculate that sanchi's antioxidant activity may provide scientific support for its traditional use in treating circulatory system disorders. Results of an earlier study in rats showed that trilinolein suppressed cardiac arrhythmias during ischemia (oxygen deprivation) and reperfusion and protected the heart muscle from injury due to ischemia. Chan P, Tomlinson B. Antioxidant effects of Chinese traditional medicine: focus on trilinolein isolated from the Chinese herb sanchi (Panax pseudoginseng). J Clin Pharmacol 2000; 40: 457-461.

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