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  The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs hits bookstores nationwide.

The past few months have been filled with book signings, radio interviews, and newspaper articles in the wake of the February release of The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs. HRF's eagerly awaited book made its debut on February 22 at the Vitamin Cottage auditorium in Denver, with a talk by Rob McCaleb and a book signing with co-authors Evelyn Leigh and Krista Morien. Book-signing events also took place at the Boulder Bookstore in Boulder, Colorado and at the Prima Publishing booth during the Anaheim Natural Products Expo in March.

Interest in the book has also been fueled by interviews with McCaleb on Working Assets' KWAB radio station and in the Denver Rocky Mountain News and the Boulder Daily Camera. The Foundation has received a steady stream of requests for review copies from many sources, including Good Housekeeping magazine; M2, the world's third largest press release service; and Working Assets, which may add a book announcement to its telephone billing statements.

HRF extends a special thanks to all those who have emailed, called, and written to say that The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs is already a key reference in their libraries. The book received endorsements from respected leaders in the herbal medicine field, including Andrew Weil, MD; James Duke, PhD; Varro Tyler, PhD; Christopher Hobbs, LAc, and others. In March, at the annual Harvard Medical School Symposium on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, physicians, pharmacists, and nurses reported that HRF's book fills an important information gap among healthcare practitioners.

To order the The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs, CLICK HERE. Or call HRF at (303) 449-2265. HRF members receive a special discount on book purchases. Books were mailed during the second week of March to those who pre-ordered before the holidays. Please contact Carrie Mayes at (303) 449-2265, ext. 209 if you haven't yet received your copies.

- Krista Morien
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