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Botanical testing methods submitted by industry group.

In an effort to improve the herb industry's reputation for consistency, the Methods Validation Program (MVP) has finalized testing procedures for ginkgo, echinacea, and ginseng. The group's goal is to approve testing methods for 15 herbs by the year 2000. Currently, the US Pharmacopoeia and the American Organization of Associated Chemists (AOAC) are reviewing the group's work for publication in their official compendiums. The MVP is funded by 30 industry members, including raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and trade organizations. So far, the MVP has chosen high-tech methods such as HPLC that are also practical and useable. This is the first step in a self-regulatory process that should ultimately cover harvest procedures, extraction, and finished raw materials as well.

Natural Foods Merchandiser, November, 1998.

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