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California bill would mandate warning on ephedra products

The bill, introduced on February 24 by state Assemblywoman Susan Davis, D-San Diego, would require dietary supplements containing ephedrine to bear a label warning consumers not to exceed recommended doses. It would also require manufacturers to list a toll-free number so consumers could report adverse reactions to state health officials. Metabolife International, manufacturer of the ephedra supplement Metabolife 356, is located in Davis' San Diego district. Critics in the herb industry charge that the toll-free number will "scare consumers away" and question why prescription drugs are exempt from such a rule. Meanwhile, the FDA has backed down on its proposal to limit the dosage and duration of use on ephedrine supplements. The agency plans to hold a public forum on the issue after studying more data on ephedrine.San Diego Chronicle, March 2, 2000 and

The Tan Sheet, March 6, 2000.

 Top News  |  World  |  Science  |  Research Reviews  |  Politics  |  Industry  |  Features

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