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CONTACT: Robert S. McCaleb

Menopause Society approves Herb Research Foundation website

August 15, 2001: The award-winning website of the Herb Research Foundation (HRF) was recently chosen by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) as a preferred link for their visitors. Sharon Somerville, Communications Manager for NAMS, stated in an announcement letter to HRF president Rob McCaleb, "…www.herbs.org is among a select group of professional web sites recently approved for a direct link from www.menopause.org. Visitors to the NAMS web site will now benefit from this link by direct access to the helpful information and support offered on your site."

The HRF site was among more than 100 websites researched over the past year by an NAMS project team, who assessed sites with a rigorous set of NAMS criteria for web links. HRF's site met the criteria and was approved by the NAMS Board of Trustees, which includes eight medical doctors and four PhDs. NAMS is a nonprofit organization with a membership of multidisciplinary leaders in a variety of health fields, providing unbiased information on all aspects of menopause for healthcare providers and the public.


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