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A Message to HRF Herb Businesses and Professionals

HRF believes that widespread misinformation in the mainstream media poses today's most pressing challenge to the world of herbs and dietary supplements. Therefore, we are inviting herb business and professional members to participate in an outreach program designed to make credible botanical information easily accessible to those with the most interest, desire, and need your own customers and clients. Member participation in this program simply involves making the HRF Information Services Catalog widely available to consumers by including a copy of it in your current mailings, customer orders, or by simply having copies available in your reception area.

We will send you, free of charge, copies of our catalog to distribute in whatever manner is appropriate for you. We can set up monthly shipments of the catalogs in pre-determined quantities for those with large volume sales.

Please help us promote better world health by educating the public about the health benefits of herbs! If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Carrie Mayes at (303) 449-2265 or cmayes@herbs.org.

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