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Market research and predictions summarized

Nutritional Outlook has published a summary of market research focusing on this year's end. The Freedonia Group predicts that vitamin E, calcium, iron, soy, coenzyme Q-10, creatine, glucosamine, honeybee venom, and melatonin products will show the greatest sales growth. Unity Marketing reports that non-herbal products currently account for four times the amount of sales that botanical products do. The firm also identifies doctors as consumers' number one source of credible information on vitamins and herbs, followed by books, magazines, product labels, and friends. National Marketing Institute notes a trend toward combining several supplements in one pill. Over the next five years, products that assist the immune system are expected to be the biggest sellers, followed by stress reducers and cognitive enhancers. The amount of botanical raw materials used is expected to grow at a rate of 9.7 percent annually through 2004, according to Business Communications Company. Nutritional Outlook, July/August 2000.

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