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New library and research services HRF has significantly expanded its library and research services in order to continue to provide the most current scientific information on the health benefits, safety, and cultivation of herbs

HRF's research services are heavily used by health care practitioners, researchers, writers, educators, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical companies, the media, major publishing houses, and the general public. "As the sheer number of information sources increases, more and more people are relying on HRF to cull out the best research available," commented HRF Research Director Lisa Podmajersky. "HRF specializes in providing the most up-to-date, accurate information and expertise in the field. This benefits the entire industry."

HRF's library currently contains more than 250,000 scientific articles on thousands of herbs - a number that is multiplying rapidly with the expansion of the organization's Internet and on-line database searching. "Our on-line searches have enabled HRF to add several hundred articles to our collection each month," commented Podmajersky. Concurrent with its expansion, the entire library collection is undergoing conversion to an electronic format that will make HRF's wealth of information even more accessible to those who rely on it.

HRF has also expanded its research department to include two services that are now available by subscription to individuals or companies. The first service is customized electronic information tracking, which provides regular updates on the latest scientific citations for specific herbs or other natural substances of one's choice. The second new service is targeted document delivery, HRF's innovative "clipping service" that provides newly available, full-text articles on specific herbs or other natural substances. In addition to these new services, the HRF research department continues to offer on-site research in HRF's extensive botanical library, multiple database online bibliographic searching, document delivery (including the online document delivery service HerbDocExpressT). HRF's comprehensive research services are far more cost-effective than those provided by traditional libraries or document delivery services. For a price and timing estimate on your next research project, call (303) 449-2265. - Krista Morien, HRF

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