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Ginkgo may improve sleep and cognition in depressed patients.
Breakthrough study isolates active ingredient in cranberries.
Supermarkets experience fastest rate of growth in mainstream dietary supplement market.
Results of Stanford study on complementary medicine encouraging.
More evidence links vitamin E with heart protection.
Regulation of Dietary Supplements is Misrepresented by the New England Journal of Medicine.
Court Reverses FDA Decision to Ban Import of Red Yeast Rice Cholestin™.
American psychiatric meeting uplifted by St. John’s wort.
Interpretation of JAMA Garlic Study Seriously Flawed.
Herb Research Foundation Provides Perspective on Fungicide Found in Panax ginseng.
Phytomedicines outperform synthetics in treating enlarged prostate.
HRF adds traditional medicine to US policy guidelines on Africa
HRF Hosts International Roundtable: Capetown
World News Archives
Europe revokes U.S. patent on Indian neem tree
St. John's wort banned in France
Canada rejects olestra
Sustainable herb development in Albania
McCaleb and Simon present A-SNAPP progress at National Summit on Africa
HRF Granted Three Year International Development Project
Chinese researchers collaborate with International Traditional Chinese Medicine Center
Survey of Canadians shows broad acceptance of herbal supplements and teas.
New Market Research and Development in Africa
African Natural Products Network Roundtable
Peru restricts export of wildcrafted cat’s claw
Japan moves to regulate supplements as foods
Canada forms new federal natural products organization
South Africa sustainable herb cultivation project now underway
Research Review Archives

Melatonin in medicinal plants
Echinacea: Mixed results from recent trials
Horse chestnut effective in chronic venous insufficiency
JAMA reviews 18 controlled studies on saw palmetto
Chinese herbal medicine effective in IBS
Mode of action of cranberry in UTI
Studies question garlic effectiveness
Phytomedicines outperform synthetics in treating enlarged prostate
Pygeum and nettle root act synergistically in prostate disease.
Echinacea Safety Confirmed
Vitex more effective than pyridoxine in PMS
Nettle leaf enhances effectiveness of anti-inflammatory drug
Mahonia ointment in the treatment of psoriasis
Political News Archives
FDA Office of Food Labeling and Office of Special Nutritionals merge.
US bans export of wild ginseng
Nutraceutical Research and Education Act introduced on House floor
FDA approves soy health claim
FDA forbids Natrol from selling red yeast rice product
FDA proposes survey of supplement manufacturing practices
Rob McCaleb Testifies about Proposed FDA Supplement Labeling Rules
Public meeting on health claims under FDA Modernization Act (FDAMA)
FDA sponsors second public meeting on regulatory strategy for supplements

 Science News Archives

Scientific evidence that fruits and vegetables protect against stroke
Benefits of psyllium for individuals with type 2 diabetes
More Evidence In Favor of Garlic’s Cardiovascular Benefits
Dutch study finds that black tea protects against heart disease
Alliinase appears to retain activity during garlic processing
Ginseng and echinacea may enhance immune function in patients with suppressed immunity
Polyphenols and platelet aggregation: a closer look at the health benefits of red wine
Hawthorn: Anti-HIV activity of newly identified flavonoids from Crataegus
Identification of caffeic acid derivatives in Echinacea spp
Ginseng increased sperm motility in vitro
Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract demonstrates better antioxidant activity than other free radical scavengers
Bitter melon seed extracts shown to have male anti-fertility effects
Hyperforin may be the main antidepressant constituent of St. John's wort
St. John’s wort:  New study may shed light on mechanism of antidepressant action
Industry News Archives
NBTY acquires Nutrition Warehouse, claims 9% of US market share for vitamin E.
Univera develops proprietary method to authenticate botanicals.
US herbal market nearing saturation
Companies may increasingly position functional foods as ‘medical foods’
CFSAN says it will support increased supplement science in 2000
Folexco and East Earth Herb form largest botanical extract manufacturer in US.
New red clover product for prostate health.
Online sales of dietary supplements reach $40 million.
Industry alliance formed to increase research and education on supplements.
Botanical testing methods submitted by industry group. 
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